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Full Version: postbit error
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I lost my postbit on my forum...the editor is gone... on all the skins what should I do?

Update: I found the error... and it was from the plugin uploader plug-in which is not working since Mybb is down. That is strange but when I disabled it and checked again... everything in the postbit is how it should be now.
I just do not know what is going on.... again I am having this problem ..and I did nothing. It makes it difficult to post ... but until I find out what to do I guess I will have to close posting... Dang it! Just when I was going to move everything over to mybb.. and ax my DLE

This is the fresh install...with same problem I tend to think it is something with the software someplace..


Well I guess I will have to uninstall the forum...No one can help so I guess what I will do is close, and wait until something changes. This is very discouraging.. but it does no use complaining. I wish I never upgraded and it is too late now...