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Full Version: Problem with plugins on admincp
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Hello, I dont know when did this happen but yesterday it was not like this, I dont know what caused this, but the plugins section in admincp is not showing any plugin:

Any ideas to fix this?
You likely have a bad plugin installed.
I tried to install some "Prostats" plugin I dont even remember where I downloaded it from but I already deleted all its files and it is still the same thing. Thanks labrocca Smile

Edit: Some guy told me at other forum to rebuild cache? Would that work? What cache's should I rebuild?
Try to delete all the files in your plugin folder but only after you have them backed up. Upload them one at a time to see which is the problem.
Alright, I'll do that, so rebuild plugins cache wont work?

Edit: THANKS so much labrocca, it was some plugin I tried to edit it and then I forgot to delete it, now everything works, thanks for all Smile