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Full Version: Attention All JustHost Customers
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All customers of, please read this following message.

Ask live support to turn your account onto manual renewals (set to auto as default),
Ask to setup email notifications (not setup as default),
Ask them when your promtional period ends
Ask them how much it will cost you per year after your promotional period ends.
Ask them to expire your contract before renewal,
Back-up & download all your files from your server before your contract expires.
Go find a new hosting company!

Ive recently been stung by JustHost. They offer a sweet offer on signup $2.95 dollars per year. When your contract is due for renewal, the prices are increased back to full price, which for me was over 2.5 times as much as what I was paying (My contact is now $137 per year, which is absolutely crazy)

Im currently in dispute with the company as they took the funds out of my paypal account without warning. Their terms of service states that you will be sent notification at least 24 hours before you are charged. I did not recieve this email (see point 2).

Please expire your account before your hosting ends. Do not get stung like me.
Gosh Bleepy.. that is awful but ..have you checked your paypal ? Go to your account/ transactions / and use the tab "more filters" on the list find subscriptions.. Look at those and reoccurring billing etc.. and remove them

I had that happen to me once with another "company" ? and after taking money out of my account on paypal (* It was even more than you!) I went to set a dispute with Paypal, The provider closed and then reopened under another name. Paypal would not handle the dispute since they basically only handle merchandise purchases and not services.
I lost over $500.00 American Dollars that I have never recovered but I can tell you they will NEVER get it from me again...!Smile
I've used many hosts, but the only one I've tended to like sticking around with is HostGator. But thanks for this heads up!
HostGator is a little more expensive to what I have been paying, but it does look the best looking at the reviews.


K, thanks for the heads up. I am a member of JustHost
I hate bait and switch tactics like this. Really annoying way to gain customers imho.