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It's with great joy that I announce the opening of the OPForum, a forum for all the One Piece fans around the world. We also aim to other anime and manga fans that want to start reading or watching One Piece.

In this forum you can talk with other One Piece fans, discuss the latest chapters and episodes with the other members, share information about the manga and anime and much more! There are many features that are going to be released very soon, like more achievements, awards, ranks, a Role-Playing Game, competitions and activities. Stay tuned to the News & Announcements section.

We implated the One Piece money currency here, you can find in your profile how much beli(฿) do you have. What can you use the beli for? You can use them for future competitions, to buy features for your account in our shop (virtual features) and much more. How can you earn more beli? Simple, by posting. When you post a message and threads, you earn more beli. When you send your referral (you can find it in your User CP) and a member uses it to register, you earn more beli. You can find the table here.

Check our first competition and try to win two manga volumes of your choice. Click here!

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Good luck! I like the theme, it seems original.
good luck, it seems original
I absolutely love it Smile.
One Piece, most people's favorite, although I am not very good chase, but each time to see will be attracted, like this one!!
Your forum looks very nice, well done
Thank you for the nice feedback, guys. Smile