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Full Version: Guests can't view threads?
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I want to maker it that guests cannot view the threads and on the permission page I want it to say "you must login or register to view the content of the forum".

I can't find the permissions and also I can;t find the correct template to edit,

can you help me please?

Thanks alot,

Admin CP » Users & Groups » Groups » Guests » Forums and Posts. The top section will be "Viewing Options", and the options are, in order, "Can View Board?", "Can View Threads?", "Can Search Forums?", "Can View User Profiles?", "Can Download Attachments?". Deselect the second option, and they should not be able to view threads.

Hope it helps.
Oh thankyou, how can I edit the no permissions page? As I wish to make it say that you must register or log in to view the threads etc
Admin CP » Template Sets » [Template Set] » Error Message Templates » error_nopermission or error_nopermission_login . However, you can also edit the file /inc/languages/{language}/messages.lang.php and change the error_nopermission messages (both user and guest).
Thank you very much Smile.