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Full Version: Where is the junk plugin?
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Omni said he had released it on here but I can't find it.
Try googling it?
I would love this plugin also!
Hope someone is able to find it.
I didn't think that's what it was.
Can you please tell what this Junk plugin is? I have never used or come across a junk plugin before and have always used Custom Moderation tools to "junk" threads that I deem to be inadequate for my forum Tongue
Go to Configuration and Options

Click Moderator tools

Click Add new thread Tool

Name it as Junk tool

Make the Description Anything

Make a junk section in your forum

Where it has:

Move thread? *
If moving the thread(s), the "delete redirect after... days" is only to be filled in if a redirect will be left.

Click the move thread option

Make the move location to your custom Junk section

Where it has

Open/close thread? *

Choose close thread

Where it has:

New subject? *
{subject} represents the original subject. {username} represents the moderator's username.

Name it

[JUNKED] {subject}


Add New Reply
Add New Reply
Leave blank for no reply.

Make the reply something like this thread has been junked or something

And for everything else just click no or disable, just enable only the
Above things nothing else

Thats a Junk tool.
@Pedobear. That's not what we're on about. This is so instead of deleting the thread when you click delete it moves it. You can do this with the Trash plugin there and just update it to 1.6 manually.

@BleepyEvans. It's a plugin so that instead of a thread/post being deleted forever it is instead moved to a section where only staff can see it, I personally use this to review things people have been deleting and/or to restore threads/posts that may have for some reason been accidentally deleted.
Yeah I would want something like this too.