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Full Version: An Onyx Introduction
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Hello, I'm Onyx! Co-Founder of a Gaming Community.

My owner duties are mainly focused around but not limited to:
  • Forum Management.
  • Graphics.
  • Server/Forum Plugins (Minecraft/ArmA 2: CO/DayZ).
  • Builds (Minecraft).
  • Video Recording/Editing (Minecraft/ArmA 2: CO/DayZ).

Some interesting facts about myself are:
  • I play the guitar, bass, trumpet, tenor sax and flute.
  • I have 2 ESL certificates from Oxford.
  • I'm a 3D Animator and Modeller.
  • I'm an avid gamer.

I joined MyBB Central because it has a lot to offer in regards of truly customizing my communities MyBB-ran forum.