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Full Version: Not Your Average Technology Discussion Forum.... (Read!)
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I introduce to you:

Just as the name suggests, we do just this, live tech. We use it everyday, we are used to it; we know it inside out. We Live It.

And that's exactly what this forum is. A place for members to gather, fellow members who also live tech everyday.

Now, I know what you're thinking: why would I join this site?
Here are the highlights that make WLT unique and special:
  • Two "Forums" In One! Feel free to switch between two "forums", one black-hat, and one white-hat, both connected to the same database and with their own exclusive custom theme. We have implemented a simple button which can switch you between themes!
  • Unique Sidebar At WLT, once you're logged in, you have access to a unique sidebar only found at WLT! There are 3 tabs: HQ (Headquarters) where you have access to the Announcements forum as well as the User Feedback forum, New Posts, where you can check up on the latest submissions, and Recently Read. I know you've had moments where you've been meaning to go back to a thread you recently viewed. This makes it easier for you! Click this section of the sidebar and you are able to view a list of the latest threads that you have read. How convenient!
  • Important Threads! Every time one of a staff member posts a new thread in the Announcements forum, you will be notified via a red statement underneath the Announcements heading in the HQ section of the sidebar alerting you of how many threads you have not read! No more need to frequently check the Announcements section!
  • Custom Post-bit! Just another modification to make us more unique.
  • An Extremely Dedicated and Committed Administration Team! I know what you're thinking: "every forum admin says that!" This time, it's serious. We know what we're doing. We've spiced up the forum with custom themes, modifications, and tuning to make it just right! We've had years of forum administration experience and have tied it all together to give birth to this beautiful offspring. We listen to you guys. Again, we know what we're doing. We've done this before. Why do you think we've waited 2 months to perfect it before we release it?
  • Coming soon: a script database!

What are you waiting for? Join today!
More custom modifications incoming!