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Full Version: Tabbed Menu Spacing Issue
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Ive installed Mybbcentrals tabbed menu plugin on my forum and for some reason its got some weird spacing glitch of some sort. Refer to the pictures below to understand what i'm saying

The tab is doing what it is supposed to in the first tab:

On the second tab and for the rest of them, there is a large spacing between the tabs and the sections.

Each spacing is different and some are bigger and some are smaller. What i want is no spacing at all just like the first tab. Any ideas?

The site that the error is displayed on: here
Looks normal to me. Just edit the tabbed.css to suit your needs.

And fix your validation.
The error isn't in the tabbed CSS i dont think, take a look at this picture.

There is a large space between the tabs and the section themselves. The main 'general' tab is fine but all the other sections have spacing issues.

Thanks for that validator thing though. I'l try and get all them fixed.