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Full Version: Hello, I have a small problem.
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Hello, I was registered on this site before and purchased premium, but for some reason I can't either remember my password / username / or email. I think someone may of hacked it.

I was wondering if mods or staff can check this accounts IP address with any other accounts that are registered on this site if possible? And tell me the email address I used or my username on the account.

Thank you if this is possible.
It depends.

Do you remember your UID on the site?

What I would recommend is, to re-join or send an email with your current IP, UID and previous Username.
Well the thing is I'm not positive of my old UID / Username, I believe my username was 'Physics' at one point.
Then I would recommend searching yourself on Google with your previous username and website.

EX: physics
Google mybbcentral 'username' and you might be able to find it. Goodluck.