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Introduction originally known as "Web Talk Bulletin Board" is a newly launched community which is aimed at providing a good friendly environment for those who wish to learn, teach, share ideas, etc. I know that there are lots of forums out there that provide such service but the thing that separates us from them is our community, we stand our own ground and they stand theirs.

Additional Information
The community is at it's early stages and alot of work is still to be done on it. I am accepted honest opinions so if you have any suggestions or comments, no matter if it's positive or negative you may share them but please know that I'm also a human being with feelings so instead of discouraging me please try and help if anything is out of the ordinary.

Anyone of the age 13 years or older is welcome to register on our forums. We suggest not to make an account if you are not taking into consideration of posting a little but we are not stopping you.

The forum link is
Way too many categories for a new forum. Makes it look empty. Also the advertising on the top is annoying, make ad when your forum is running with 500/1000 visitors a day.