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Full Version: - only one can be the forum king
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[Image: index2.png] is a brand new general discussion forum that sports a beautiful custom theme and a custom promotion plugin made only for forum-king. This plugin is an auto promotion system that will promote and demote users automatically based on their overall contribution to the forum. This contribution is made up of each user's post count, reputation, and number of referrals. The requirements to be promoted to a higher level is constantly changing as the forum grows so you'll have to continue to contribute if you want to be ranked highly. Here's an outline of the promotion system.

[Image: class.png]

You may notice that the requirements to be the forum King and Queen aren't specified. That is because there is a special requirement to be King and Queen that won't be revealed.. at least not yet Wink However I can tell you that you must be at least Crown Prince/Princess rank in order to be in the running to be the King/Queen. The King and Queen of are displayed in the header of the site and granted access to their own forum which only they can start topics in. This thread is essentially their way of addressing the masses.

[Image: profile.png]

As you can see above the profiles have been greatly simplified. This isn't the only template we've made significant changes to either. You can see that we've added reputations to the member listing so that you can now sort through members by posts, reputations, and referrals.

Here's a look at our customized reply template as well:

[Image: reply.png]

I could go on all day about all the little things I've done to make this a truly unique, different, and high quality forum, but I think at this point I've written enough and I'll leave it to you to investigate more. I do want to express some special thanks to the people that made this site possible.