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Full Version: Tabbed menu glitch wont work
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Please someone help me with this. The url is, when i add a tab in, it just automaticly stays on announcements, and when i click on another it just stays announcements but opens the other tab under it. Like this:

I did all the troubleshooting on mybb sites i can. I added in the plugin "Announcements" and 40 mins later i had a report the tabs stopped working. I disbaled all of them and it wont work
What do you mean? Elaborate please also provide a more detailed screenshot.
I add them up and they are there. But when i click on it, it doesnt change. It stays the first tab no matter what and all the uncatogozried forums are at the bottom, they change when i click there tab but that is it.
Which tab are you talking about? I don't see any tabs in your image.