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Full Version: Why Backlink? Fallacies and Mis-Truths
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Why Backlink? Fallacies and Mis-Truths

Every website owner knows how important it is to build backlinks to their site. It can be a hard, time consuming, and boring process. But we all know we need a varigety of backlinks, some relevant, some from high PR sites, blogs, forums....everywhere we can. Backlinks are the lifeblood of search engine rankings.

Why do we need high PR backlinks?

As any site grows, it is the recipient of a page rank by Google. Google gives this page rank for many many reasons. How much content the website has, how many backlinks it has. Backlinks tells Google, that "Hey, you must be important, as so many other sites are linking to you", and it will reward you for that. The higher page rank a site ggets, the more authority it has.

Links from a high PR website, give your site more of an authority look in Google's eyes, and it is deemed a strong link. This gives your site a lot of "PR Juice" spillover, feeding your site with more page rank of it's own.

Some of the Fallacies and Mis-truths

Do all backlinks have to be from relevant sites? Of course not. You do not gget penalized for having a backlink from a non-relevant site. That would e counter productive to the whole concept of backlinks, how they work, and not to mention, a big blow to Google's own algorithm.

Relevant backlinks are great, but guess what, so are non-relevant backlinks. You gget credit for each and every backlink you have, no matter where they come from. You and I have no control over someone putting a link to your site. You could have a site about our newly elected president, or the latest disaster, which maybe a hot topic. Hundreds, even thousands see your site, and link to it from everywhere and anywhere. Is Google going to penalize you because "Bob's Fishing Supplies" site, put the link on his site? NO! What you have to realize is, that a backlink is good, and a high PR backlink is bgetter, relevant or not.

Every backlink counts, just some have more authority juice than others, and relevancy is only a small factor.

Another fallacy, is that backlinks have to be on a page that has PR, like an inner page on a high PR domain. The domain is PR7, but the inner page is PR0, you still get the value of the main domain, not the inner page. It has been proven time and again that inner page backlinks are just as strong, even stronger, if they are from a high PR authority domain.

One of the biggest mis-truths is if you build too many links in a day, Google will penalize you. This is so untrue, it makes me laugh. This leads back to my paragraph about relevant backlinks, and the hundreds, even thousands, that may link to you that you have no control over who they are. Google knows all this, and has even stated that all backlinks gget credit.

From what I have learned, and everything that I have used in the past, I have found that the best approach is to use someone that knows what they are doing, and provide great results at the lowest cost, saving me time, money, and a whole lot of boredom. I now have more time to spend tending to my business, without my business taking up all my time.
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nice tips bro thanks a lot
(Aug 14, 2012, 01:22 AM)lordcedrich Wrote: [ -> ]nice tips bro thanks a lot

I agree. Really great read.