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Full Version: HELP ME! <3
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Hey, I installed the allow mybbcode and it works. ONly when i do {$profilefields}

But when I do {$userfields['fid4']} Or wherever I want it it shows it but doesnt allow the mybbcode Stuff. LoL

There n way I can make it allow?

Thanks for your time dennis! Big Grin

EDIT: please Help xD
"allow mybbcode"..what's that?

{$userfields['fid4']} --- huh?

It's suppose to be {$post['fidX']}....

dennis didn't say that, lol

and allowing mybbcode is a mod that allows bbcode in profile fields

witch it allows it if i call {$profilefields}

but if i call each individually then it doesnt Sad
sounds like a module regex problem
nah bcz look

and look @ her respsonce. lol
Ok since u guys dont get what im talking about..

Take a look here!!

[Image: 20gmclg.gif]

Do you kinda know now? lol