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I love using mybb and made my own site for pokemon fans the site is complete except it just needs to have more themes. Check it out and review it please and if you are a pokemon fan join as there are hidden forums that only members can see all the group images and banners are made by me. Thanks Jesse Labrocca for the cool CS Red theme it works great with my site.

Check my site out here.
Bannner is way to big bro Sad

i like the theme but ya try to get paid hosting or host off your computer
I like your style, but you should fix that banner! It's ripping your whole layout apart, and that's not good Big Grin
i dont know what size the dimensions of the banner should be in order for it to fit just right help would be appreciated it's at 1000x135 also i use free webhosting right now but in a few weeks i will be buying more disk space 3GBand traffic space 30GB for 23.87
Looks good but personally im not very fond of pokemon. Good work though!
i looks nice, but some images should be changed
Ichigo I am sorry that I must rain on your parade but maybe the people here should know what you did?

Originally he stole images from

Ichigo is a member who had been banned for advertising through our PM system. He had other members do the same. After being banned he decided to try and make his own site. Too bad you never changed the user titles which are also stolen from us. (Mangement, Infractionators .etc)

(Hagi is one of his members)
banner is too big.
Hey Ryatoro or Kira from GTS, we have changed the site.I think you should edit that post.Neonexus....
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