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The popularity of "Websponsoring" has increased enormously in recent years. Especially in Germany interest is very high. has set a goal to offer the English-speaking world, such a platform.

In order to obtain the quality for a long time we have made ​​a small step, the introduction of an age limit of 16 years.

The project presentation now clarifies the concept and the possibilities of this platform.

Quote:A market is one of many varieties of systems, institutions, procedures, social relations and infrastructures whereby parties engage in exchange. While parties may exchange goods and services by barter, most markets rely on sellers offering their goods or services (including labor) in exchange for money from buyers. It can be said that a market is the process by which the prices of goods and services are established. ... by Wikipedia ( )

Overview of the supported areas in Websponsoring

Known forms of sponsoring/sponsorship of web sites.

- Domains
- Webspace
- Gameserver
- Voiceserver
- Design
- Root -/ Virtualserver
- Other

With regard to several requests, we'd like to have expressly stated that our offer price moves to a height of 50-100 dollars/euros.

What is the concept?

- The promotion of different areas of sponsoring/sponsorship due to the increase of Internet users and the ever-increasing interest in the "Websponsoring".
- By requiring a high standard of quality that we want to show the seeker that he should using templates for a sponsorship application. In addition, we also require the sponsoring donor a quality claim. (More details to quality claim, visit our platform under the menu item "quality claim")
- Not much, but a few extras. Solved efficiently. Your control, and the condition is what counts!

What are your advantages?

- Our service is totally free for you. We fund our platform from our own pocket and are not dependent on advertising revenue.
- You are not required as a registered member to provide personal information. Even with a sponsorship application, you can only trust your data to the sponsor, for example over the message system.
- Take advantage of the variety of opportunities to make direct contact, either through our integrated message system or new solutions.

What are the benefits for sponsors?

- Collect customer reviews by the integrated reputation system. This has the most important functions (item description, item link, etc.) equipped and available to everyone.
- Present your company / project from the best side. You don't need just use the old project presentation, but your own Userpage.
- Take part in the "sponsor of the month" - award and win an entry for 1 month on the sponsor of the month - page. Free and exclusively only here!
- Sponsors who meet certain requirements, we offer a higher level of user-rank, status: Verified Sponsor

[Verified Sponsors get offered a higher user ranking.
Threads will be immediately activated. Use the internal forum-category for contacting other verified sponsors. Further cooperation is thus even more, as we gather the impressions of sponsors to help us to improve even more ...]

Give us a Feedback. At the moment, we only have german-feedback of our german sponsoring-market website.

We hope that we have aroused your interest and look forward to a visit Smile

Yours sincerely team

Quote:We apologize for any incorrect word usage or grammatical errors. We have only use the old method of an English book and and Google Translator and