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Full Version: A few questions!
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Hi guys, I've a couple of questions for my Mybb forum.
Lets go:

1) When I go to a site that doesnt exists on my forum it redirects me to my hosting company, how can I change that to a custom error page?

Example: If I write it redirects me to my host, but I want it to redirect to an error page.

2) How do I invite people to usergroups (I go to the ACP and into the users profile and adds him to the group I want)

Example: If a member of my forum bought a costum usergroup how can I do so he can invite members to hes group himself?

3) I've added a new toplink to my forum "Awards", the toplinks at my theme is buttons that are grey when they're not chosen and turns blue when you click on them, but my new toplink (awards) is always grey (it doesnt turns blue when you click on it)

Example: Forum

4) I've added the "Board Messages" to my forum, installed it and so on, but I cant find settings for it neither can I find where I'm able to add a board message

Example: N/A

I think thats it for now Wink