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Full Version: Hello from a Transylvanian photographer
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Hello everybody,

I am a photographer from Cluj, Transylvania, Romania, who is frequently blogging and debating on forums about various subjects concerning photography, both in what concerns the technical part and the artistic one.

Actually, what I would be most interested in would be how to promote my blog, Fotografie Cluj, so it appears as high as possible in search engines, without attracting too much spam.

I am getting some 20 visits a day, but many are from filmhill, yandex, pregolom and other sites which have nothing to do with my site - especially since it's obvious there aren't any users who read it, as it's written in the Romanian language Big Grin (I had to disable comments in order to solve the issue).

Best regards,
hmm ........................
Sounds interesting. I'll be sure to visit your blog in the near future (y)