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Hello, I'm Jord and I'm relaunching Uber Forums with a new silk design.

The url to Uber Forums:
Board genre: General community

Other information:

The domain is registered with GoDaddy, the most reliable domain host available (it's the most successful anyway). Hosting is provided by Host Gator. Host Gator provide outstandingly fast hosting for low prices. I thought it was personally the best option. Uber Forums has just been upgraded visually with a new dark theme.

The word 'uber' means the best, super ect in German. I thought this name was the uber meaning for my forum (see what I did there).

Anyway, feel free to join, I've added some databases to make it seem busy and so that people can post on the existing threads.

Also, the staff position will be up soon! So be there to impress me!

Personally, I think this is the best, unique feature of Uber Forums:

[Image: hE2S337CpB.png]
Thank you!
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii man i am new to this site ha ha
Ermm... ok?
hey its great .....................
The theme is awesome and modern, you should change the background in my opinion.