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Did you go straight to MyBB or not?
Yes my first forum was MyBB
Chainzs, Damion, Eugene, evilalex, MartinP, NzB, Oliver Evans, Xenocide, Zero
9 23.08%
No, I used others first.. (list them)
Addelo, Arqui, Blindkilla, catfished, Dark Shadow, gamemaster, HolyPhoenix, inbetwee, infestedsmith, islesv, Kazuto, king of kills, KuJoe, labrocca, LS 134, Metal Wing, Micah Sin, Mmarzex, MXIIA, MyBB Freak, Pirata Nervo, Rafael, Riverthief, shadow82x, sudarsan7532, Syntax, TM0, x-Treme, Zash, 1 Guest
30 76.92%
Total: 39 vote(s) 100%