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plugins not working after update
thank you plugin failed after update,uinstalled it and installed one from LeX'z Plugins it doesnt work. any help suggestions will be appreciated.
maybe it is possible that it is not compatible with the newer version of mybb.
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(Dec 20, 2009, 09:48 AM)Onyx Wrote: maybe it is possible that it is not compatible with the newer version of mybb.

Quote:thank you plugin failed after update

You'll have to contact Lex for this situation.
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thats why i posted here, posted in lex's thank you plugin thread several days ago,guess he is mia
But it didn't really work well before (at least for me). I had it and it didn't work. I updated MyBB into 1.4.10, and I haven't tried it but I guess It still doesn't work.
the one i had worked,but after update i caused major problems so i uinstalled it and installed lexs,it wont work,as in it doesnt show up when activated,but causes some other issues,not sure if the other left something any case i dont know enough about it to fix the issue on my own.
I'll contact you about fixing this in a couple days. Right now it's Football sunday and my team is in the playoffs. If I win this week I am in the money.
sounds good to me,thanks.

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