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Weird PHP error
I'm getting an error when I do a usergroup change by using MyPS points in the MyStore, the usergroup is shown as changed on the forum and in ACP, but the user can't see the forums and a php error is thrown. The error goes away after log out, but comes back when you login again with that account. It also goes away after changing their usergroup back to normal.

[Image: 2yyclrr.jpg]

[Image: 34s174p.jpg]

Anyway to fix this? The users on Source never reply. This is 1.4 by the way, so it should be supported.
Looks like the users on central never reply either...
(Aug 14, 2010, 06:48 PM)PeaKay Wrote: Looks like the users on central never reply either...

Maybe because we don't understand the problem? >.>
Same error I am getting, let's wait for Omni.
Are you both running 1.4 or 1.6?
1.4, it seems no one knows.
I've had a brief look at the code and it seems that as part of loading a user's data, mybb merges an array containing their primary usergroup with an array containing their display group. It's erroring because that function expects two arrays and one of them isn't be passed as an array.

The function in question is array_merge() which in PHP4 DID accept parameters that weren't arrays, but in PHP5 it doesn't. I'd be interested to test this on PHP4 server to see if it still errors. My best guess is a compatibility error, but I don't know labrocca's code well enough to confirm it, because I don't know how he's handled changing the usergroup.

Lacarmen, is your server PHP5 too?

P.S Sorry I couldn't be more help.
This isn't a plugin made by labrocca, it's made by Nickman of MyBBSource.

Any possible way to fix the compatibility error? I know my server is PHP5.
Oh? Are we talking about the MyStore plugin then?
Yes =P

"I'm getting an error when I do a usergroup change by using MyPS points in the MyStore"

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