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[1.4 and 1.6] AlertPay/PayPal Automatic Donation - PAYPAL AND ALERTPAY IPN! NOW FREE
Well, i have decided to make this plugin free Smile. Get it here:! Big Grin
(Dec 12, 2010, 04:09 PM)booher Wrote: Well, i have decided to make this plugin free Smile. Get it here:! Big Grin

When I extract, it says the archive is broken.
Alright, i'll reupload Smile
Site is down and I'm glad that I've decided not to purchase, considering you made the plugin free and that site is down now.
It's not down? I took the forum off the subdomain. they are now just on
I seriously love you.
lol, i've got a lot of positive responses from this plugin :p I'm going to make it so you can put in a message to display on the donation page :p
hey please man can you please put a message field today please? I cannot get to work without it,please please dude T_T
Alright, it's done. goto the download page on my forum and download v2.0 Smile
If anyone has more suggestions, feel free to let me know Big Grin

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