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Holy shit I cant go to the HF with proxy? :O :O

I see they are very secured :O
(Sep 05, 2011, 01:00 PM)Clew Wrote: Holy shit I cant go to the HF with proxy? :O :O

I see they are very secured :O

Shit! CF blocked HF's only proxy!

Fill this out and PM me it so I can submit it.

Don't forget to give your IP and any extra info. Makes the process go faster..
lol :OOOOO I cant see any capcha but when I click send I gives error that i need enter capcha :O :O i cant see capcha picture
I cant send you PM because I cant see capcha image when sending message, so I upload to the filehosting service txt file...

download :

run sandboxed or something if you dont trust.
Yeah boys proxy wont work. He did make a plugin to stop that. :p
[Image: logo.png]
So, I need change mac address ?: O or another thing? Big Grin
try hidemyass proxy
it worked for me Smile
I give the fucking error :

The requested resource could not be loaded because the server returned an error:
403 Forbidden (?).

when trying with the hidemyass.

maybe someone can submit my unfirwall form?
Its Country ban dear Smile
Where do you live... It depends..
man, this IP ban for some sort of bots, its happend to me last few days but the cloud flare gave me capatcha so i enterd it and i sent msg on optional setting and after 2 days the forum opend normaly, but till now i still have this capatcha thing everytime i even try to log in or staying idle and change thread or page, so u must contact them to see whats wrong with ur IP
[Image: 17607269.png]

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