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Free Christmas Skin - Miner - Dec 02, 2012

Merry Christmas from to all MyBB users!

Our free Christmas 2012 theme is now available for MyBB1.6.8. Instructions and logo psd files are included in the zip.

Theme Demo:
Fixed width(semi responsive)

Fluid width (sorry i am unable to post multiple url here due to newbie) so add www. to this url

Download theme files here(add www. to this url)

We recently entered into MyBB skinning and this theme is tested before releasing, in case if you find any issue please let us know we will rectify it soon and if you need any help, post at our forums

RE: Free Christmas Skin - Pie - Dec 02, 2012

Nice share,Keep up the good work.

RE: Free Christmas Skin - Miner - Dec 02, 2012

(Dec 02, 2012, 11:02 AM)Pie Wrote: Nice share,Keep up the good work.

Thanks pal!

RE: Free Christmas Skin - austin73k - Dec 03, 2012

wow thanks op

RE: Free Christmas Skin - HunterM - Dec 18, 2012

I would use this but I'm launching my new forum after the new year. Sad

RE: Free Christmas Skin - nordark - Jan 22, 2014

thanks for the skin

RE: Free Christmas Skin - linkz - Feb 03, 2014

Thanks for this skin. Looks good Smile

RE: Free Christmas Skin - NomanProdhan - May 15, 2014

Nice theme. Thanks for share this one