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Mybb Hacked Theme v2 (Preview) - GetTheCode - Feb 23, 2013

Hey guys,
You may have seen the first version I released few weeks/days ago in this section. But gladly nobody has bought it as I haven't sold/advertised it yet. So I decided to make an v2 of it, as I was looking for JQuery/Javascript codes to add into a website. Well it worked, and it made the website look more professional!

Here's what I added:
  • Userpanel to top
  • Pirobox Login
  • JQuery scroll to top button
  • JQuery Collapse
  • IPB Stylish menu
  • Added cool looking tipsy
& much more!

So, I am not still gonna sell this. I am gonna think of more ideas to it, maybe add some more features Big Grin


Some opinions wanted aswell Wink

RE: Mybb Hacked Theme v2 (Preview) - maaaciek36 - Mar 10, 2013

nice Smile but you need change colour in who's onile to diffrent that black Smile

RE: Mybb Hacked Theme v2 (Preview) - rangam - Mar 11, 2013

Hi it's looking good. Please keep it up.

RE: Mybb Hacked Theme v2 (Preview) - GetTheCode - Mar 16, 2013

thanks! but I kinda stop'd making mybb themes...

RE: Mybb Hacked Theme v2 (Preview) - master412160 - May 18, 2013

Looks alright!

RE: Mybb Hacked Theme v2 (Preview) - H14D - May 20, 2013

This does look alright but I like the v1 of this theme much better, though keep up the good work!

RE: Mybb Hacked Theme v2 (Preview) - artmuz65 - Dec 14, 2016

I'm new and I'm interested in this topic. Thank you!
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