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Virtual Money - Sauce - Mar 22, 2013

I've been searching everywhere! I can't find any.

Virtual Currency. I could do this anywhere but a website, I'm new at web development, I don't know how to implement it to a forum and don't have enough time in the first place.
But anyways, Virtual Currency would be awesome and would make some great revenue for users and admins/owners.

Creating threads/high rated threads
Download attachments
+/- Rep = +/- virtual money w/ the rep
Contests - virtual $ buy in & virtual $ reward?
To join a specific group - Virtual $ goes to that group?
Purchase cool icons?
$10 real $ for 500 virtual $
Lose virutal $ for not being active for a period of time
Forum points are boring - I'd rather feel rich!
A new profile stat
Whatever idea you want!
It'd keep users active on your forum, and get you more $ in your pocket.

Did I convince anyone yet? Of course, I'm a fan of the Open Source philosophy, but this is something I would pay for. Especially, since I need it lol.

RE: Virtual Money - xvidmaster97x - Apr 19, 2013

You can try newpoints, it's kinda like it, and you can add group subscriptions via newpoints as a plugin. So newpoints is what you need man.


RE: Virtual Money - Auth - Oct 01, 2013

Yes, I would use newpoints.

RE: Virtual Money - BlueShiftXD - Nov 17, 2013

Newpoints is what you need