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Mybb Directory - labrocca - Mar 29, 2007

Any advice on the categories is appreciated. I will also be adding categories under "non-english forums" for a few popular languages that use mybb like turkish and german.

I built the site today...layout and script are unique.

Comments are appreciated. If you have a mybb forums feel free to add it.

RE: Mybb Directory - judel - Mar 29, 2007

Well, I'm the last to say blue is a bad choice, but something about the color scheme struck me odd...more like it would be about babies or something! Smile But that's a neat idea. It's a link directory but only for mybb. Is there a test when submitted to make sure? I had an automatic link set up on my site, but I kept getting bots submitting junk, so I took out the automatic feature. Sad

RE: Mybb Directory - labrocca - Mar 29, 2007

Links are manually activated. I wrote this script and I am still developing it.

RE: Mybb Directory - FirefoxWiz - Mar 29, 2007

I think it looks really nice. Big Grin

RE: Mybb Directory - spikescot2005 - Mar 30, 2007

Looks good, Its a good idea too will be nice to search though and look at MyBB sites with a topic that i am interested in.

Not sure if i should have but i added mine.

RE: Mybb Directory - Coolest_Tech - Mar 30, 2007

Looks good to me. Smile I just think that the blue should be changed.

RE: Mybb Directory - labrocca - Mar 30, 2007

Are you guys on an LCD? That blue is nice on a CRT. I am getting really tired of people on LCDs saying how "bright" everything is...turn down the brightness!

RE: Mybb Directory - foxy - Mar 31, 2007

Well, first of all I really don't like how the banner is done. It's very typical. Theme should be more modern-like. Forum Categories? They are good for now since there are not that many members as of now.

RE: Mybb Directory - judel - Apr 02, 2007

Well, I don't know if this monitor is LCD or CRT, since it's a work computer and I didn't get to choose...but now that you mention it, that blue is awfully bright! Tongue

By the way after a quick check, I notice one link on there that is not mybb! Just FYI...

RE: Mybb Directory - labrocca - Apr 02, 2007

thanks...removed his link