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New Forum Setup Recently. - 0_0Zee0_0 - Apr 18, 2008


Recently i setup a new forum in memory of an orphan girl. a forum to full fill her dreams. i would like to get a few comments on what further edits i can do or any ideas i can use.

& specially if the theme has any bugs ... coz i made the theme on my own and it took me quite some time to make it stable with the latest version of MyBB Smile

i have also made the homepage which i might edit as per required later on currently its just an enter link. (homepage link) Background music works with IE only. Fast internet users wont have a problem visiting this page. (direct link to the forums)

I really hope to get some comments on this ...

thanking all the visitors,

With best wishes,

RE: New Forum Setup Recently. - Someone - Jul 07, 2008

It's a vbulletin.... Smile Nice theme, but the logo doesn't really fit the design...

RE: New Forum Setup Recently. - Scarlett - Jul 11, 2008

I agree, the logo doesn't really fit the design. The intro page text and such doesn't really fit the design either. Otherwise, I like the theme!