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InstantMyBB - Free MyBB forum hosting - booher - Nov 05, 2013

What is InstantMyBB?
InstantMyBB is a free forum hosting service using the MyBB forum software. Instant MyBB uses very secure servers that are optimized for MyBB to help your forum run at light speed. What is the catch? We only ask that you run our small single ad on the top of your forum to help us pay for the servers that keep your forum alive. We offer immediate free support along with the services and we respond very promptly. Unlike our competitors we allow you to install your own themes and we have an extensive plugin list. We are also not running a highly modified version of MyBB that prevent main functions from working properly. We did our best to make sure things were as easy and seamless as possible.

Is it really "free"?
Yes, it really is! But your forums will be required to host our ads unless you pay for ad removal.

How can I signup?
Simply, click here

You can also follow us on Twitter for updates!

Until 15 November we will be holding a contest to give away a free domain name! More details here