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Using other forum types - infestedsmith - Apr 23, 2008

I have a question, how many different forum hosters/providers did you guys go through before using MyBB? I first had a Bravenet forum (bloody horrible!) then an InvisionFree one, which was okay, but lacking in functionality, and then I had a Forumotion one, and it was so simply that I didn't like it. Tongue So what's your story? Did you go for MyBB right away? Or did you go through some others first?

RE: Using other forum types - Addelo - Apr 28, 2008

I doubt I can actually remember all the ones i've used....But I remember a few....

Invisionfree, phpbb2 and 3, a payed invision forum....Wow, I remember less of them than I thought, could have sworn there was more than that, lol.

RE: Using other forum types - G 2the R - May 09, 2008

I had a old phpbb one, then we moved to invisionfree, then a new phpbb, then finally MyBB. They were all very simple, nothing like MyBB.

RE: Using other forum types - kauchaomai - May 17, 2008

I started out on Proboards, then went to phpBB, and then to SMF and MyBB. All of my forums I run now are either SMF or MyBB (I can't choose between them lol).

RE: Using other forum types - Dark Shadow - May 17, 2008

I went from phpBB3 to vbulletin, to MyBB. I have to say, MyBB beats all! Big Grin

RE: Using other forum types - MESKO - May 20, 2008

I'm new to MyBB.
I've used PHPBB3, Zetaboard, InvisionFree, Proboards, vBulletin and IPB.

I'm starting a new forum and giving MyBB a try. Smile

RE: Using other forum types - king of kills - May 29, 2008

PHPBB3, InvisionFree, Proboards, vBulletin and IPB.

i kept changing the service provoiders but MyBB is best and since last one year i am using MyBB and satisfied

RE: Using other forum types - peepo - Jul 05, 2008

First I use punbb, but it was abit basic & there were not many themes. So I move to mybb because lots of themes for me to implement in my web design.

RE: Using other forum types - labrocca - Jul 05, 2008

I been around long enough that I used the ORIGINAL BBS message system...

wwwboarrd! Old timers should know about that one...from Matt's Archives

Then I used UBB for a bit but was pretty happy with phpbb for a long time. Eventually it pissed me off and I tried VB. No good imho. So right now I am settled on Mybb. I am a bit sketchy on 1.4 but hopeful at least. I fear they are overcomplicating the software. I like my forum software clean and simple with the ability to easily extend. imho that's 1.2 for sure...but let's see how 1.4 goes once all the kinks are worked out.

RE: Using other forum types - Someone - Jul 07, 2008

I tried phpBB2, not satisfied with the features, I tried SMF.... I don't like its plugin system, I tried MyBB... and satisfied Big Grin