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showstaff.php - Salsut - Dec 03, 2013

Please somebody make this plugin for all of us like HF has it!

RE: showstaff.php - BlueShiftXD - Dec 03, 2013

You already have a feature like this.
Go to this URL on your site: /showteam.php

RE: showstaff.php - Snow. - Dec 04, 2013

At the bottom of your site there should be a link named: forum team that's your feature.

RE: showstaff.php - Dissociation - Dec 16, 2013

I did basically something like that on my site. Just create your own custom php page.

RE: showstaff.php - Redâ„¢ - Dec 18, 2013

You would basically have to create your own PHP page to get it to look something like that.

RE: showstaff.php - Fatality - Dec 19, 2013

You'll need to make your own PHP page which isn't hard.