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How to stop forum spam in MyBB forums - WallBB - Jan 25, 2014

Quote:How to stop forum spam in MyBB Forums

Forum Spam are the reason why 30% of the forums die. The reason being legit community members of the forum gets spammed by private messages, forum post and forum threads causing members to create a negative feeling about the forum that is being spammed and hence it creates forums to ultimately die.
How to stop forum spam and create a high quality forum. First of all i will say that stopping forum spam is not easy because these days there are two type of spammers. First is bots and second is human spammers who wants to get traffic by cheap methods. So to stop forum spam we need tools as well as educated moderators who can create a healthy community and get rid of spams.

Stop Forum spam is a website with database of all the big spammers who have been identified for spamming and are currently spamming. The best part of the plugin is it is free and is updated regularly.


Second plugin that i will suggest will be Spamalyser, although this plugin needs to be configured accurately but when done it checks the post on basis of weight and this helps you to do various action on basis of spam weight.
Read Complete tutorial at here

RE: How to stop forum spam in MyBB forums - linkz - Feb 03, 2014

That's nice. Thank you.

RE: How to stop forum spam in MyBB forums - jackthomas087 - Mar 24, 2014

thank you!!

RE: How to stop forum spam in MyBB forums - Happiness - Mar 26, 2014

Thank you. This will come in handy Wink

RE: How to stop forum spam in MyBB forums - kiwiboyhero - May 08, 2014

Thanks for this, it was really helpful

RE: How to stop forum spam in MyBB forums - Rebel - May 08, 2014

I took over a mybb forum just about a month ago.

We were getting Spammers galore per day, of course validation had to be via Administration..

After adding a few things to the forum to upgrade it, we also installed and activated the following

Spam bots usually register with seoing. You can try this method:

Plugins(suggested - required):

Goodbye Spammer -
Spamalyser -
Registration Security Question -

Good Bye Spammer is from Stop Spam Forum, you must register for an account and then get a API Key, once you have installed this mod and installed the key in its place it starts working..Every Spammer that has been turned into Stop Spam Forum will be rejected from registering on your forum..

Spamalyser is also a must, Install the mod. then register for a Key install the key in the proper location and set the mod up and again you are safe..

Now this question mod is also important. Install this mod and it already has I think 5 questions that rotate as they register. You can add your own or edit the questions.. But make sure you have a question that asks to fill in the blank, sorry bots can't think about this..

Just to tell you in the last week we have had No Spammers register with us..

I also have a smf forum and have this Stop Spam Forum mod install there. In a little over a year and a half, this mod has stopped over 33,000 spammers..Just to let you know they are out there..


Just some info. did you know that 30% or more web forum closed due to Spammers..