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Hello I would like off By saying hello to all! this is my First Post and hope to Contribute to this Forum!

Well onto the Design of this Site! This site Is Very Dynamic with a Unquie Style and Template it. And it also has an Admin CP that looks exactly like the forum. The Forums itself Utilizes BootStrap and CSS3. We Purchased this Theme From a Designer But Heavily Modified it (so Please say if you seen This Template somewhere else)

The URL is:The IMGUR Trailing Code is 5b0lSlo.png

RE: | A GMod Gaming Community - Poke1337 - Jun 18, 2014

Any screenshots of your forum?

RE: | A GMod Gaming Community - ibz - Jul 17, 2014

Post link it looks retarded.

RE: | A GMod Gaming Community - syd19 - Oct 05, 2014

nice forum, looks pretty nice