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RE: Who am I? - destroyer - Mar 26, 2007

Didn't know you were from Las Vegas. I always wanted to going on vacation there. Big Grin

RE: Who am I? - rezorn - Mar 29, 2007

its me skjdfblasidvASirfbv

RE: Who am I? - rezorn - Mar 29, 2007

sorry its me rezorn.............eheheh

RE: Who am I? - DJCheezy - Mar 31, 2007

Greetings I used phpbb,IPB, vBulliten hell ive used just about all fourm software
Nothing compared to mybb it so rocks! Tongue best of all its free ^^

RE: Who am I? - Rain - Apr 01, 2007

Hello! I'm Johnna. I really like the MyBB mods/themes you have going here.

RE: Who am I? - fly352 - Apr 02, 2007

Great mod site thanks!!

RE: Who am I? - BlueVD - Apr 05, 2007

Thanks Jesse for this community.
To be honest, I've been hunting for a good board for quite some time... PhpBB had some nice features but lacked a few important elements I was aiming for. The Invision board had them, but it ain't free... So, after crawling the web I finally found myBB... It stuck to me like glue and now, I'm on the hunt to customize it to fit the bill and your community sure helps me a lot!
Thank you again and keep up the good work!

RE: Who am I? - K.I.N.G. - Apr 07, 2007

You have some nice themes on here, keep up the good work!

RE: Who am I? - Kassie - Apr 14, 2007

Thanks for the site. Love MyBB and have several boards with it as the forum.

RE: Who am I? - jairosoft - Apr 24, 2007

Hi everyone,
I am Jairo, I am learning to use ASP.NET. I thought I would try out a piece of code found at Central / Mybb General Topics / Mybb Plugins and Hacks / Ajax image popup , to see if it will work on my website.
Thanks to labrocca in advance,