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downloading - xiaozhu - May 19, 2008

how many posts do i have to make to download something?

i searched help etc but can;t find any information on it.

RE: downloading - Kioshi - May 20, 2008

Yeah I want to know it could at least stand in the announcements ot something like that *cough*

RE: downloading - xiaozhu - May 20, 2008

i give up its so screwed.

RE: downloading - MESKO - May 20, 2008

Um, true.
How many posts is needed?

RE: downloading - pachel - May 20, 2008

No posts anymore I think you need to be a supporter of this forum.

RE: downloading - labrocca - May 20, 2008

The big yellow latest news announcement on the top might be important.

Latest News: Support Mybb Central to gain full site access to all our downloads, plugins, and themes.

RE: downloading - Kioshi - May 21, 2008

That's a bit unfair for those who don't have at least a PayPal...(Like me Sad)you should add a minimum posts requirement of ~100 Posts for downloading them. And maybe add a "Supporters Only" area where you put in the things which are only downloadable for supporters, like special themes or something.

But just an idea.

RE: downloading - labrocca - May 21, 2008

This site doesn't need post quantity. Your idea isn't too bad but any of the good downloads would be for subscribers and most likely you would still complain that the plugin or theme you want isn't accessible.

RE: downloading - Kioshi - May 21, 2008

Well themes are no problem since I always theme myself^^

I cann understand you. Okay but happily pachel is a supporter which is actually one of my best friendsWink

So thx anyways.

RE: downloading - labrocca - May 21, 2008

If he is using the downloads here to redistribute he will lose his access.