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Problem with posting on my forum - Dion - Nov 09, 2014

So it's not much of a big problem but it does affect a load of members that have already joined my forum.

So my News & Announcement forum ID is 6 and when I click post thread then it goes to to this [/code] newthread.php?fid=9 [/code] Now there's no forum with such ID as 9. So that's obviously either a bug in the theme that I'm using or it's a MyBB fault. But I've tried looking around in the templates but I can't find anything that could solve the problem.

So What I want is that if I go for example to the suggestions thread to post a suggestion and I click make a new thread then it is able to actually make one on the right thread. Not that it goes to a forum ID that does exist or that it doesn't go to a other forum ID ( Even though it now stays on 6 ).

RE: Problem with posting on my forum - Nasyr - Nov 26, 2014

Can you send a link to your forum so that I can check it out please.