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Members for a GTA Forum - iRocker - Dec 21, 2014

So, I've been working on a Grand Theft Auto V forum for a while. I've a custom theme to fit it and lots more to go with. I'm an experienced Webmaster and currently run another 2 forums one with 130,229 Posts and other with 25,357 Posts.

So, I'm looking to make an active GTA Forum. It won't be based around money in anyway. What I'm looking for:

  • Who acutally play GTA V Regularly and GTA Online as well.
  • Who are interested in Multiplayer on GTA Online as well as the various online jobs, missions & heists.
  • People who're on Next Generation Consoles (PS4 & XB1) and regularly keep themselves updated with the updates (Latest 1.05).
  • People Interested in Sharing Missions Guides, Tricks & Tips, both for Single Player and GTA Online.
  • People Interested to Help others with Missions & Troubleshooting.
  • People interested in active GTA Discussions and Debates.
  • People who want to discuss old GTA Titles as well.

Drop by a PM.

RE: Members for a GTA Forum - Legion - Dec 22, 2014

Ill drop a PM by you right now Cool

RE: Members for a GTA Forum - AnitaJill - Dec 31, 2014

thank you so much

RE: Members for a GTA Forum - downloading - Jan 05, 2015

thanks thanks thanks thanks

RE: Members for a GTA Forum - Cordozar - Jan 05, 2015

like basically a community that people can get on together and play the games or just like a random discussion board?

RE: Members for a GTA Forum - shahkrunal7091 - Jan 07, 2015

I like GTA i will join you

RE: Members for a GTA Forum - williamjohn - Jul 29, 2015

I like GTA, I will join...

RE: Members for a GTA Forum - Windy - Aug 11, 2015