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How to disable thread views count - nightwolf - Mar 23, 2015

Hello guys, my name is Bill and I am new here mybb seems very easy to use and I wanted to try it but now I have found something that bothers me when I create a new thread like this for example my problem is that the view count rises, is there a way to stop rise views from same ip or browser or any plugin that does this job?
I appreciate any help and info, I tryed to search alot before I come to ask help here but no luck.
Looking forward to use mybb I am happy to use it and I think this is something that can be solved but its hard for me Smile

waiting for help thank you in advance!
Cheers Bill

RE: How to disable thread views count - Nasyr - Mar 28, 2015

It is based on views so it doesn't matter who views it.
You could remove the count from display?