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[120,000 Posts | Active Members] Nightfall Community Forums - iRocker - May 27, 2015

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About Nightfall Community Forums:

We hope to create a tightly knit community based on active discussions on various topics ranging from General Debates to Graphics, Gaming, Computing, Webmastery and even more. During our beta phase, we received a decent amount of daily visitors, contributors and quality posts. The community is friendly, warm and welcoming. We are open to all ideas, support and feedback. We strive to create a forum where the staff members actually listen to the users and care about the environment. 

We've made several changes to the reputation system, forum layout, userbars but we might as well inform you that we're not based on money making by selling groups, awards and 3 tier upgrades to make money but let the forum die of activity. We've also revamped several forum sections so they are easier to navigate, and easier for people to post and keep the sections active.

  • Customised Premium Membership.
  • Many achievable awards.
  • Different sections.
  • Friendly community.
  • Staff who are always willing to assist you.
  • Active community.
  • Premium Theme.
  • Creditable Website pages.


Our members have made a total of 121,485 posts in 15,536 threads.
We currently have 2,819 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, warstrike
The most users online at one time was 188 on 05-23-2015 at 07:19 AM

Final Words:

I have been the owner of previous forums, The Tech Players, Rockstar Boards, IcyForums and Real Forums which have been highly active forums with longtime standing, so I am a man of my word and I strive to keep this forum running as long as we can.


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