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[For 1.8] Last Edit Lock - uav - Dec 12, 2015

Originally developed by labrocca, it prevents a member from editing their post if a moderator has edited it. Especially useful if staff have intercepted an infected link or something.

I ported it to 1.8 and made some tweaks (mainly to prompt in quick edit mode). Also included a [redact] tag along with [warn]


  1. Upload to /plugins
  2. Press "Activate"
By default, the tags are only rendered if executive groups areĀ using them. Other usergroups are excluded.

RE: [For 1.8] Last Edit Lock - kalf - Feb 13, 2016


nice work

RE: [For 1.8] Last Edit Lock - safiul16 - Oct 19, 2017

for that
nice post

RE: [For 1.8] Last Edit Lock - kajj88 - Oct 27, 2017

Super option, I did not even know it. Thanks, I will know for the future.