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[Tutorial]Responsive MyBB Menu for 1.8 series - WallBB - Sep 22, 2016

[Tutorial]Responsive MyBB Menu
Hey guys,
Just wrote a guide on adding responsive header in MyBB, thought I should share with you all.
Live Demo –
It is 3 step tutorial and easy to follow :-
Steps :-
1. First of all open the header template located at -> Admin cp > Templates and Styles > Templates > Your Theme Template > header Templates > header and add the below code just above
2. Go to your theme and click add stylesheet. Write the name as responsive_menu.css and click write my own content.
3. Paste the below content and click save stylesheet.

Go to your live forum and you will see a responsive dropdown menu for MyBB forums something like these

[Image: Responsive-Meny-MyBB-desktop.png]

Original Tutorial -

Hope it helps you get a responsive menu, in case of any questions just let me know.