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Group photo not working - archie426 - Oct 09, 2016

I am new to mybb and I wanted to setup a new forums for my website
So I have added a group picture to the ranks that I currently am but for some reason it doesn't show it properly on any device, so it just shows the image with the name of the group in. The folder in my directory for the website is : public_html\forums\community\ (The uploads is renamed to community)  I also have the Multiple usergroup images installed and hello world plugin. The file extensions that I have tried are .jpeg and .png. Both do the same tthing, the path i specified  for the group photo is images\filename.jpeg/png

 Help would be appreciated,

RE: Group photo not working - labrocca - Oct 11, 2016


RE: Group photo not working - archie426 - Oct 11, 2016

(Oct 11, 2016, 11:21 AM)labrocca Wrote: asd

Sorry, I do not understand what you are trying to say.

RE: Group photo not working - RichardVincent - Dec 19, 2016

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RE: Group photo not working - walter - Dec 21, 2016

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