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Rebel - md:fahim morshed niloy - Mar 16, 2017

I installed two plugins.
1 Mood Changer
2 Image resizer

Now I zipped them. Open filezilla opened up pulic_html then my test board. opened up INC then Plugins, and dropped the first one in when finished I dropped the second one in..

I look in the Cpanel files and they are in there..

But they are not in the forum itself..

What am I doing wrong..


RE: Rebel - Barbarjreusser - Apr 19, 2017

Thank you for sharing this kind of post here. Really useful posts. I could collect more information from your post. Thank you

RE: Rebel - actavis - May 01, 2017

You have to unzip the folders, and drag them into your FTP client. Zipped folders won't do anything on your installation.