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Hi I am new - jasonvoorhees - Jun 23, 2017

Hi there am new here ... I have made a forum but need help getting it popular I made a tech forum does anyone know if these are well known will I have success

RE: Hi I am new - WLADIMIR - Jul 02, 2017

Hello my friend

RE: Hi I am new - site2017 - Jul 23, 2017

hi good time
technology (in French: technologie) is the application of tools, devices, fossils and processes to knot human dilemmas. Technology is a human activity and, therefore, is more knowledgeable than engineering and more ancient.

This term refers to the collection of "knowledge" available to make essentials and artifacts of any kind, for the handling of occupations and manual skills (with the exception of religious, magical, military or culinary work) and for the extraction or collection of various materials (to Exceptions to materials used for food or for religious or magical occasions.

RE: Hi I am new - OGghost - Aug 08, 2017

Hey bud, welcome

RE: Hi I am new - scottmoore - Oct 18, 2017

hi dear friend