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Ads - echuwa - Jan 06, 2018

how do i add google ads to mybb forum?

RE: Ads - bdemir - Jan 28, 2018

First of all, you need a working site with a considerable amount of traffic. Otherwise, AD companies are not interested in you and do not give a shi*.

When you have people chatting in your forum, open an adsense account for you. There, you need to create an ad and copy its code (provided by adsense) to your site.

How to copy the code? In admin control panel, go to templates. There you will see the section where you can edit forum pages. You need some php, css etc. knowledge.

If you do not know, try plugin. İts name is My Adversitements

RE: Ads - mystar - Feb 05, 2018

try plugins

RE: Ads - Ktisztina - Apr 29, 2018

Thanks for the information