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Email Marketing Truths - rprifat1 - Jan 23, 2018

The headlines of cutbacks, people being laid off and the VAT increase are probably concerning you. And they should. There is little doubt that individuals will be spending less and for a considerable time. But there areways you can turn the situation to your advantage.

High street retailers, it is said, will take the brunt of the drop in sales. They will be unable to absorb the VAT increase and customers will look for ways to cut their costs. The obvious answer is to go online.

The trend towards online sales, very firm over recent years, is likely to speed up in the near future. The ability to check prices, delivery and service, conveniently, easily and quickly, has been the driving force in the past but when so many will need to be counting every pound, the possibilities for email marketing look very promising. Your target should be to grab more than your fair share.

What you should not do is panic. All the rules and good practice you established in the past should not be abandoned in a rush to push up the number of items sold when margins are being cut. Recipients are just as likely to be irritated by persistent marketing emails as they were in the past, perhaps more so. Whilst it has always been a good idea to throw in a wild card every now and again, you do not want your email lists denuded just because those on it found your offers had no relevance to them.

You will want to increase your email lists, and quite substantially. The ones to target are those coming into online sales for the first time, together with those who were only occasional users in the past. They will probably need reassurance as to what email marketing is all about. Ensure that your website is geared towards these newcomers. They will define the new keywords and you will have to ensure that you have optimised your site.

Email marketing is not only likely to ride out the storm but benefit from it. Stick to your good practice, protect your email lists and try for new subscribers.

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