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MYPS (a mybb points system) - labrocca - Apr 13, 2007

I am releasing MYPS this weekend.   It's been in the planning for quite some time. What's available now is early beta release.  Do not use in live environment.

I will be working diligently on this mod.  Expect within 30 days the completion of these additional features.

1. IPN integration for purchasing points ($1 = X points)
2. Subscription payments via IPN with ability to give points and have a default member group set for subscriber
3. Taxing of donations with a pool
4. Lottery for MYPS
5. Bonus myps for groups
6. History of IPN donations in admincp along with total IPN earnings
7. Hooks for the system for additional plugin integration
8. History page in usercp of all donation actions of myps

This is what I have planned so far. It's extensive imho. I know there exists some points mods already but none seem to be exactly what I want nor are they moving quickly enough for me.  I have planned to do a points mod for some time.  My biggest desire is to have good Paypal IPN integration and I don't want to work off another persons plugin to do this. I have specific needs and I am building this for myself mostly but plan to share my work.  I am also unhappy with people ripping off VB names for mods. Mybb is it's own project and if it wants to flourish it has to stop looking like a clone.  MYPS imho is a great name for this plugin.

1. Poll Voting (DONE)
2. Poll Creating (DONE)
3. Thread Creating (DONE)
4. Replies (DONE)
5. Per Character (DONE)
6. Min Character (DONE)
7. Allow Donate (DONE)
8. Mod/Admin edit (DONE)
9. Group Exempt (DONE)
10. Forum Exempt (DONE)
11. EROP (each reply original poster) (DONE)
12. AdminCP (DONE April 22,2007)
13. Default on signup (DONE April 22,2007)
14. PM on donation (DONE)
15. Removal on delete of threads and replies  (DONE April 22,2007)
16. Seperate admin permission settings and logging
17. Add option for MYPS on memberlist
18. PM on moderation
19. Admin recount and reset  (DONE April 22,2007)

Thank you.

RE: MYPS (a mybb points system) - cgshelf - Apr 13, 2007

I want to download this mod. But for that do I need to really make two unwanted posts?

Edit: Finally I managed to get two posts and downloaded the mod. Thanks

RE: MYPS (a mybb points system) - spikescot2005 - Apr 13, 2007

Great stuff, one question when in the admin cp on the left hand side i get a new options box. If i click option should i see something because at the moment i dont.

RE: MYPS (a mybb points system) - labrocca - Apr 13, 2007

Those are holders for now. I will be adding functionality asap. I was working on this very late last night.

RE: MYPS (a mybb points system) - reillysix - Apr 13, 2007

This will be great for my forum! Thanks!

RE: MYPS (a mybb points system) - labrocca - Apr 13, 2007

I actually have a fair amount done so far today. Tonight I will update the download with latest version.

RE: MYPS (a mybb points system) - judel - Apr 13, 2007

I'd love to play around with this on my test forum. I'll wait until you update with latest version. Big Grin

RE: MYPS (a mybb points system) - reillysix - Apr 14, 2007

Thanks so much!! I'll be adding some rep to you! Smile

RE: MYPS (a mybb points system) - spikescot2005 - Apr 14, 2007

Should i be seeing something in the options bit in the admin cp now

RE: MYPS (a mybb points system) - labrocca - Apr 14, 2007

spikescot2005 Wrote:Should i be seeing something in the options bit in the admin cp now

No...I never needed to use it so far. I know I will for future use but currently all the settings are under the SETTINGS for MYPS.

When I add some admin tools tomorrow such as reset or recount as well as some member editing then they will be used. I just wanted to get it out as I have it which is fully functional from the user perspective.