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Redtube Mycode - labrocca - Jun 19, 2008

Redtube is an adult video site similar to Youtube. It's 100% adult pornography so please unless you are of age do not go there.

This plugin does the same as the Youtube one where it adds the tags:




Either will work and www or not will also work.

Due to the nature of this plugin I can't provide you a working demo but it does work.

Install is easy...upload the one plugin file to ROOT/inc/plugins/

Activate in admincp.

That's it.

RE: Redtube Mycode - judel - Jun 19, 2008

Wow, the guy who requested this was ages ago. I certainly was surprised when I found out about that site, but I'm sure that those running adult themed sites will appreciate this. Heck, maybe this will inspire me to start putting videos in my NC-17 section. LOL Tongue

RE: Redtube Mycode - labrocca - Jun 20, 2008

Yeah but I saw in my logs that the old thread was getting a lot of traffic so I thought ..oh heck why not.

RE: Redtube Mycode - faviouz - Dec 27, 2008

What the hell?! hahaha, I've searched "porn" in these forums, and I've found this. Gosh, this is AWESOME! Thanks a lot labrocca Tongue
edit: fuck, this is for 1.2. Can you update this to 1.4 please?

RE: Redtube Mycode - labrocca - Dec 27, 2008

It should work as-is. Try it.

RE: Redtube Mycode - Bey Brad - Dec 28, 2008

redtube rules

RE: Redtube Mycode - Combo - Dec 29, 2008

Good release.

RE: Redtube Mycode - DAMINK - Dec 30, 2008

Damn i have been waiting for this one a long time.. I think for over a year i have been asking around the forums for the ability to stream porn on my forum.... YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYY Cheers labrocca. Time to get my redtube account working again lolol.